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Member Spotlight: Sonal Chaudhari

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Architectural Designer @ BDE Architect

Why Architecture?

Sonal has been interested in the field of design from a young age. She did not want to spend her life in a profession that was purely math/ physics based; rather, she wanted to explore the interface of design and science. The study and profession of Architecture allows her to combine both conceptual and technical expertise.

Career Surprises?

Logistics and Politics. School provides conceptual and technical background, but working as an Architect requires more than just "book-smarts". Through experience and diligent mentoring, she learned the flow of projects and how to manage/ communicate with parties involved in a long-term project (e.g. developing a residential condominium building in San Francisco)!

The Importance of Architecture

Yes, Architecture makes life a more exhilarating experience by allowing cultures to tell their story(s) through visual and structural aesthetic. It also plays a very critical role in helping us discover our past!

Whats Next?

Sonal has worked on single family housing, restaurants, and now multi-family residential projects. Her goal is to explore the hospitality and design sector of architecture next to determine which area is right for her. The benefit of the hospitality sector is that major clients have their own need for designers/architects. Working as the client has so many benefits and perks, and Sonal believes the profession is heading in that direction. The architecture field is so vast and filled with so many varied careers, who knows what she'll explore next!