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Member Spotlight: Riya Chaudhari

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Patent agents work in a legal environment with patent attorneys. They help inventors, scientists, and the curious folk of the world obtain patents on ideas or physical creations. This type of work is riveting because the patent agent gets introduced to a large volume of private ideas that the public often doesn't interact with for years!

Entering the legal world of patents isn't for the faint of heart. One must typically have a background in science or engineering prior to take the Patent Bar Exam (passing this exam makes personnel from the "STEM world" more eligible to work in the legal realm). Riya gradated from The Milwaukee School of Engineering over a year ago and soon after took, and passed, the Patent Bar Exam.

Riya specializes in patents related to medical imaging. She choose to enter this area of work because she loves learning, and almost everyday she gets to interact with new ideas and inventions belonging to brilliant people all over the world.

Riya plans on going to Law School in the future to transition from patent agent to patent attorney. She plans on eventually becoming a partner in a patent law firm - a very ambitious goal!