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Member Spotlight: Dr. Rohit Chaudhari

Get To Know Dr. Rohit Chaudhari

Rohit is the Lead Dentist for Jefferson Dental Care in Dallas, Texas. He's been readying himself to fill his upcoming role as the Head of the Austin Dental Office - an amazing achievement at such a young age (he's only 30)!

Rohit's tenacity and strong ability to overcome obstacles of any nature have leveraged his career in ways that a 30 yr. old dentist could only dream of - but he's not stopping there. The Master's degree holder and Graduate of the Indiana School of Dentistry plans on opening his own practice someday to do what he loves: help others!

When he's not working.......

When he's not being interviewed for the morning news, you can find our man hiking and adventuring all over the world with his girlfriend Alexa (see photo on the left) and his dogs (too fast to get a photo of). Paris, France, is one of his favorite places in the world and he highly recommends you take the time to go explore it's vibrant and historic streets!

Advice to aspiring Dentists:

Don't give up on your vision, and don't fear failure. Rohit stressed that straight A's are not required to get to a level similar to his. Many paths lead to the same destination - the determining factor is whether or not you have the stomach to persist until you've reached your destination.