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This upcoming convention we will host a meeting to elect a new Board of Directors in accordance of our bylaws. All members will serve a 2 year term in which they will be responsible to manage the Akhil Anjana Association of North America. If you are interested in running for (1) President, (2) Vice President, (3) Secretary, (4) Treasurer, or (5) IT Director.

We are looking for those who are actively involved in local samaj activities, positive attitude, and involved in AAANA Committee. 

Please submit your name below in the form. Voting on July 3rd, 2022 will take place at the convention for the position of PRESIDENT. The remaining positions will be offered as options to the newly elected PRESIDENT to decide upon or choose their own.

Enter Your Information or Nominate | Voting on July 3rd 2022

Thank you! Your Name Has Been Entered and Will Be Available for Voting on July 3rd 2022

Position duties

All positions are held in good faith on a volunteer basis to continue the betterment of the organization. The main objective is to grow, engage and connect the current and future membership base. The bare minimum requirement is to hold a biennial (every 2 years) full day community convention. 


Ensuring the organization’s activities are compliant and in furtherance of its mission Leading, managing, and developing the organization’s employees, volunteers, and organizational culture. Ensuring effective external communications about the organization and its mission, priorities, importance, programs, and activities. You will assist in raising funds and be the sole lead on holding a bi-annual convention for your term.


Assist in duties that are assigned to you by the President.


Assist in communications and organization including taking meeting notes for all meetings and publishing them.


Oversee the Organization's Financial Administration. Review and Enforce Financial Policies and Procedures. Generate Financial Reports. Create a Budget. Advise the Board on Financial Strategy and Fundraising. IRS requires nonprofit organizations to file Form 990. You will work with a CPA to ensure this is completed yearly.


Management of the website, portal and social media accounts including any creation of digital assets.

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