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The name of this organization shall be "Akhil Anjana Association of North America"
hereinafter abbreviated as "AAANA"

ARTICLE II - Office:
The office of the association at present time shall be in the State of Illinois, USA or at
such other location that the executive board may decide.

ARTICLE III - Objectives:
The association shall operate solely as a non-profit organization with the following
1. The advancement of cultural and social understanding between the Anjana
community and the other communities we live in.
2. To organize annual gathering to meet and discuss issues affecting the AAANA
and encourage similar participation by young generation.
1. The publication of community news release and cultural education material.
2. Provide forum to organize cultural, spiritual and religious festive gatherings.
3. To provide moral and/or financial support to those in need of assistance.
4. To seek and extend cooperation from and to similar provincial and national
groups or associations.
5. To receive, to acquire and hold gifts, donations, devises and bequests.

ARTICLE IV - Membership:
1. Membership is open to all individuals having interest in the betterment and
upliftment of the Anjana community.
2. There shall be the following types of members:
a) Life Members—$ 151
b) Annual Members~$25
c) Student/Youth Members--$5
d) Honorary Members—FREE
3. Except the honorary members, all other members shall be residents of USA or
4. Honorary members and any member under eighteen (18) years shall not be
eligible to vote or contest in an election.
5. Life members shall pay bi-annual recurring membership fee of $100.00 on
every other year.

ARTICLE V - Executive Board and Committees:
1. Executive committee members must be life members.
2. Executive Board: The executive board shall consist of the following officers and

board members, the board members (3) can be elected and/or appointed by the
President and the Secretary:
a) President
b) Secretary/Treasury
c) Three (3) board members (elected and/or appointed by President and

3. Program Planning Committee: The program planning committee helps organize
cultural and festive gatherings and annual general meeting planning activities.
The committee members as needed are appointed by the President in consultation
with the executive board members.

ARTICLE VI - Amendments:
1. Notice of motion for amendment to the constitution shall be delivered in writing
on the signatures of at least five current members, to the Secretary, at least four
weeks prior to the date of the general meeting. Such notice shall be distributed by
the Secretary to each executive board member at least two weeks prior to such
2. Amendment of the articles shall require at least one third of the total members of
the AAANA organization to be present at the general meeting and the consent of
two thirds of the present members for approval.

The organization may make rules and/or bylaws and constitute new committees as
needed for effective function of the AAANA.
ARTICLE VIII - Dissolution:
The AAANA organization may be dissolved if two thirds of the total number of current
members at the time of vote for the dissolution. Upon dissolution the funds of the
organization shall be distributed to such other Akhil Anjana Community Charity as
voted by a simple majority.

BYLAW # 1 - Nomination, Election and Term of Executive Board:

1. The Secretary in consultation with the Executive Beard shall issue notice to all
the members of AAANA for general meeting at least eight weeks in advance with
the following:
a) The date, time and place of meeting.
b) The posts and names contesting for each post.
2. The nominations for the posts shall be accepted by the Secretary, at the time of the
general meeting.
3. If the numbers of nominations are more than the number of posted seats for

Executive board, votes shall be taken at general election meeting as specified
above. The votes shall be taken on an authorized ballot form and shall be counted
by the President with the help of another executive board member and he/she will
declare the results of votes and all new elected candidates for all posts.
4. Each member shall vote only for those elective posts which have a contest
between two or more nominees.
5. If the numbers of nominees are fewer than posts to be elected, vacancies shall be
filled by the elected Executive Board.
6. The elected Executive board shall hold office for a period of two years.

BYLAW # 2 - General Meeting
1. Annual general meeting shall review and approve the financial report.
2. Special general meeting can be called by the President or one third of total
members who are eligible to vote, and this meeting can consider, determine, and
solve any question, problem, or affairs of this organization.

BYLAW # 3 - Quorum and Disqualification
1. At least one third of total members of the organization shall form a quorum at
any general meeting.
2. At least two third members of executive board shall form quorum at any meeting
of the executive board.
3. Any member of the executive board shows absent more than two times without
any sufficient or reasonable cause shall cease to be such board member. Under
such a circumstance, the executive board may appoint a new member for the
duration of unexpired period.

BYLAW # 4 - Duties and Powers of the Executive Board and Officers
1. Executive board shall conduct the business of the organization in accordance
with the constitution and bylaws.
2. Executive board may appoint sub-committees consisting of board members and
other members, with such terms of reference and powers as it may fit. Such
subcommittees shall be fully responsible to the executive board, and may be
dissolved at the discretion of the board.

3. The President shall occupy the chair at all meetings.
4. The President shall direct and co-direct the activities of the officers and the
5. The President is Chief Spokesman of the organization and may take prompt
actions and decisions on any matter relating to the business involving less than
three hundred U.S. dollars and inform the executive board as appropriate.
6. Any members of the executive board including all officers are not authorized to
represent AAANA at any other function or meeting in USA, Canada or India or
express any opinion on behalf of AAANA without an express authorization by

the two-third (2/3) majority of the executive board.
7. Duties of the Secretary/Treasurer:

a) The Secretary/Treasurer shall take minutes of the proceeding at all
meetings, and have the minutes entered in proper books. The
Secretary shall be responsible for all the correspondence. He/She
shall be responsible for issuing any notices and publications.
b) The secretary/Treasurer is responsible for all printing works as
approved by the executive board from time to time.
c) The Secretary/Treasurer shall open an account at a chartered bank or
Trust Company on the behalf of this organization and shall keep a
regular account of receipts and payments in manner accepted by good
and prudent accounting principles.
d) No sum of money exceeding three hundred U.S. dollars shall be paid
on behalf of the organization except by an approval of the executive
board, to be recorded in the minutes.

BYLAW # 5 - Registration
The executive board and/or President and/or Secretary shall have the power to
submit the application for registration and/or such other purposes to the statutory
bodies of the municipal or provincial of federal government

BYLAW # 6 - Finances

1. Accounts at banks, trust companies or credit unions will be operated
by the signatures of the Secretary/Treasurer or the President.
2. Interest earned on the current balances and membership fees
shall be utilized for the operating budget of the association.
3. A budget shall be projected and approved every year by the
current executive board for the next years operating expenses.
4. Any special project, when authorized by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the
executive board, shall be funded by soliciting voluntary contributions
from individual donors.

BYLAW # 7 - Mailing

1. All the correspondence related to notices and letters shall be carried out
electronically effective July 01, 2018

 Adopted at the AAANA general annual meeting held in July 2016 in
Houston, TX, United States of America.
 Amended the constitution at the AAANA general meeting held in July 2018
in Chicago, IL, United States of America. Refer to Article 4, Item 5 and
bylaw # 7.

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